Monday, May 14, 2012

I haven't updated the blog in a long time, figured i better let everyone know we are still alive. We have been so busy!! I'm pretty sure it won't slow down anytime soon either. the girls are keeping us busy, Grace is keeping us on our toes. She is "busy", lets just say that. Corey is working at his forklift job during the day, and working two gym jobs at night, i'm still at good ol' MECCA, but as always...i'm looking:) B is getting ready to turn 4, can't believe how fast the time goes!! We just celebrated Mothers day yesterday and in my card from my mother, she told me to enjoy my time with them because they grow up fast.....something i need to tell myself everyday when i want to kill them:) I hate it when she is right!!

We took a few vacations so far this year. Corey and I went to Galveston, TX for a few days to visit the Gulf. It was a really nice time. We really enjoyed it there. Sitting on the beach was a nice escape from reality. Then a few weeks later Mom and I went to SC to visit Jason. We had a wonderful visit. It was very stressful and emotional, but so happy we got to see him. I would have a picture back soon, he is mailing them this week. He was in really good spirits and is looking forward to putting in a transfer in October of this year and hoping for Illinois. I realized after we got home that i didn't take many pictures. We stayed in Charleston, SC but my camera died the last day, so need to get some pics off my phone and upload them.

Below are a few pics of a little bit of everything. Hope everyone is doing well!!

Daddy and Grace...she loves her dada:)
Texas trip 2012, had a blast!!
Corey looks so happy right?
Kind of hard to read, but it said "Home is wherever I'm with you" I loved it:)
Time to hit the ocean!!!
Swim up bar at hotel
Trip to go see Jas 2012, South Carolina
Myrtle Beach, SC
The girls and mommy.

Myrtle Beach, Sc
Mom at the ocean for the first time.
Wouldn't this be a nice place to live? I think so...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Girls Pics 2011

Thank you very much Katie Wheeler for taking pictures with me and the girls...I think they turned out great...Grace's facial expressions are priceless:)

Fall 2011

I haven't posted in awhile!! Life takes over and you fall into a pattern i suppose. Not much new with us, staying very busy with two midgets:) Grace is now 9months old and started walking at 8months...doctors say she is under weight but she eats everything in sight so we think she will be fine!! B is a very active 3yr old!! she keeps me busy and tests my patience...she is my pay back x2 that my mom always told me about!! Summer is over so we are gearing up for cold weather...not looking forward to that!! Austin came out to stay this past wknd so I let the kids pick out some pumpkins to carve....Austin thought it was totally cool, but B lost interest fast:) Corey is still working his job part time but also got a full time job at a local gym to put his personal training knowledge to work!! I'm really happy he found something he loves doing!! Now if i could only find something i love....!!! thats about all I got...i hope everyone is doing well!!! Meg

Austin and B's pumpkins!
Diggin the guts out
B was disgusted by sticking her hand in she decided to sweep!!
All done!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

One year anniversary and a Trip gone wrong!!

Last wknd (8/28/11) was our one year wedding anniversary. I can't believe its been a year!! We decided to go to South Carolina and visit my brother and get to enjoy the beach for a few days as well. Sounded good right?....ummm....not so much....i always seem to forget about hurricane season...because i'm from Iowa!!! So we drove 20hrs...straight through....and Hurricane Irene met us there. We got a day and a half of good weather, so that is good. But unfortunately the visit with my brother was cancelled due to weather...which was heartbreaking after coming all that way and getting so close. We still had a good time and I'm hoping to catch a flight out there in a few months to visit for a wknd. Myrtle Beach was beautiful. Anywhere with the ocean is good for me...I could sit and look at the ocean all day. I love it. Corey says its just water...but its pretty water:) Hopefully in a few weeks I'll have some more pics of girls to post...i obviously need to get out my camera more!!!

hanging out on the beach
The waves were getting rough!!
Walking to the beach
Playing with sissy in the tunnel
Gracie playing in the Dora tunnel with B...she purposely leans back and rolls herself everywhere in this thing.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why its good to be me....

When times are hard....I remember that all i need is my beautiful girls:) Everything else seems unimportant when I look at them. So...thats why its good to be me:)

So close...she just rocks on her knees...
The ladies of the house...minus moo ofcourse:)
little fat baby...she just can't keep that tongue in her mouth yet. But she now has two teeth..maybe that will help:)
Even though she didn't smile...I still got a pic with B' i'll take it!!!!
Sweet Potato's.....she must get it from her dad because I don't like them....

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gracie Elizabeth is ready to crawl!!! I would say by the end of the week she will be moving right along. she is so close. i'm not rushing it like i did with B...i know once she starts crawling..its all down hill. Let the chasing begin:) Grace also got her first tooth last week...she is growing up to fast.

now all she has to do is move those knees!!!!
Baby Grace ready to crawl....
4th of July
Lovin' on daddy...
First Popsicle...:)
B'lynne enjoying her Popsicle as well.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hanging Out...

Not much new with us. its finally summer and B is playing outside more at gmas and at home. Grace is getting bigger everyday and is such a good baby, full of smiles and laughs. Below you will find a pic of B in the exersaucer......jealous much? B likes to bat at the toys just like Grace....I think she needed extra attention that day:) You will also find a pic of moo, who has an ear infection, she sees me get in the cupboard and she runs down the hallway and hides under the bed. Ok win. You def need two people to hold her down to get the drops in her ear. She is one tough dog!!! Austin completed another season of bball...he is getting better and better. Right now he is swimming, he will be in football in the fall, then ti-Kwan-do (sp?). Its good that he keeps busy. Thats about it....hope everyone is good!!!